Q2 2020 Inception of the project

Fundamental concepts & core team build

Q2 2020 Clear problem statement

Analyze and general design, base of reputation system

Q3 2020 Project build and details

Functional design, find the real concept, WhitePaper guidelines, Website Design Review and Edits

Q3 2020 Website Creation

finalize and publish the Official Website and WhitePaper

Q3 2020 Social functionalities

Blog, Chat, Groups and Channels

Q3 2020 Listed on Top Exchanges

Will listed to most Famous Exchanges

Q3 2020 CYF Accepted on CY.CASH

CY Finance (CYF) Token can be used as investment on the CY.CASH Platform. Holders have an advantage of obtaining Daily Profit by investing (CYF) Token to the CY.CASH Platform

Q2 2021 Big Promotion

Holders of CY Finance (CYF) Token will be rewarded with Unbelievable Rewards